NGO pledges to wipe out sex-for-grade in nation’s tertiary institutions

NGO pledges to wipe out sex-for-grade in nation’s tertiary institutions

A non-government organisation (NGO), SOFADONDO, on Thursday announced its readiness to fight sex-for-grade in the nation’s tertiary institutions.

The group stated this in a statement issued in Yenagoa, insisting that “the scourge of Sex for Grades/Grades for Sex must stop.”

The statement, signed by its convener, Dr Albert Obiozo, said the organisation, which comprised Nigerian professionals, was concerned about the increasing wave of the unwholesome practice.

The group further noted that the phenomenon was largely responsible for decline in the standard of education and large population of half-baked graduates in the country.

It stated that the organisation was committed to giving a voice to the voiceless, vulnerable, oppressed and the downtrodden against all forms of sexual harassment.

It stated: “In SOFADONDO, we shall treat cases with all the seriousness and diligence required.

“We are not out to witch-hunt anybody or destroy careers. We shall pursue all cases by being fair to all parties.

“Our goal is to engage in advocacy for justice, fairness and engender a safer society.

“We are also committed to sensitise Nigerians on the dangers of molestation, intimidation and sexual harassment in our institutions of learning and larger society.

“We would also advocate against the abuse of power, authority and intimidation of citizens by anyone in authority, especially against the innocent, oppressed and indigent Nigerians.

“SOFADONDO will bring to the public domain, issues of intimidation and harassment and help find lasting solutions,” it added.

The group urged victims of sexual exploitation in tertiary institutions to lodge their complaint through the organisation’s website at or its twitter handle and Facebook page.

It commended the authorities of the institutions that took steps to investigate allegations of sex-for-grade reported to them and solicited their cooperation in the fight against the scourge.

The group further acknowledged that some lecturers became victims of seduction from female students.

“We condemn the behaviour of some female students who rather than study hard to pass their examinations, prefer to offer sex for grades to join the crowd of uneducated graduates in the society.”

It challenged lecturers to expose such students to the university authorities and protect the confidence vested in them by parents and society.

“We shall work closely with the management of tertiary institutions in the country to create the needed awareness to stop the scourge,” the group stated.

It stated that it had commenced investigation into the reported cases of sex-for-grade in three universities in the country.

It gave the assurance that the matter would not be swept under the carpet but pursued to its logical conclusion.

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